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Spring 2021

A big congratulations to Dr. Qiang Li for his successful dissertation defense on the “Molecular basis of metalloenzymes in complex biosynthetic pathways with application to synthetic biology”. Congratulations!  We are very proud of you!

Heartiest congratulations to Krishna Patel for being awarded the 2020-2021 UF Graduate Student Teaching Award from the Graduate School. Keep up the good work!

Fall 2020

A big congratulations to Madhushi Ratnayake for being awarded the Graduate Student Teaching Award 2019-2020 from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Florida! We are proud of you!

Congratulations to both You Hu and Thisuri Wanniarachchi for passing their oral qualifying examinations this semester. Great work!

Spring 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Prabhanshu Tripathi for his successful dissertation defense on the structural basis of self-resistance mechanisms involved in colibactin biosynthesis! We are very proud!

Dr. Gengnan Li successfully defended her dissertation on the structural and functional investigation of macromolecules in natural product biosynthetic pathways. Congratulations and good work!

Congratulations to Dr. Brian MacTavish and Kevin Newsome for their recent publication in ACS Chemical Biology. Check it out here!

Fall 2019

Dr. Brian MacTavish successfully defended his dissertation on his structural studies of dihydroxyacid dehydratase and glycan-binding protein Y3. Congratulations; we are proud of you!

A big congratulations to Dr. Aleksandra (Sasha) Zagulyaeva for successfully defending her dissertation. Great job! You will be missed by all of us!

Congratulations to Madhushi for passing her oral qualifying exam and becoming a Ph.D. candidate!

Congratulations to Qiang Li for being awarded the 2019 William R. & Arlene F. Ruegamer Chemical Biology Award. Keep up the good work!

Spring 2019

Congratulations to Lily Silsby for being accepted into the prestigious University Scholars Program at UF!

The Bruner Lab presents their research at the poster session of the 2019 UF Drug Discovery Symposium:

Fall 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Bruner for his recent promotion to full professor; we are very proud of you!

Prabhanshu receives the William R. & Arlene F. Ruegamer Scholarship Award. Excellent job!

Qiang’s paper on a 5-deoxyribose salvage pathway is published in Nature Communications. Read it here: 10.1038/s41467-018-05589-4

Congratulations to Krishna for passing the qualifying exam and becoming a Ph.D. candidate!

Welcome to You and Thisuri, the newest members of Bruner lab!

Bruner and Butcher Lab Holiday Party 2018:

Spring 2018

Congratulations to Sandy for graduating with her Ph.D. and for her new job at Intel in Portland, Oregon! We will miss you!

Bruner and Butcher lab River party:

Fall 2017

Sandy publishes her paper on structural and functional analysis of a thioesterase involved in colibactin biosynthesis in ACS Chemical Biology! Check it out here: 10.1021/acschembio.7b00479

Prabhanshu publishes his paper in JACS on a cyclopropane hydrolase involved in resistance mechanisms to colibactin! Read it here: 10.1021/jacs.7b09971

Congratulations to Qiang for passing his oral qualifying exam and becoming a Ph.D. candidate!

Welcome to Madhushi, the newest member of Bruner lab!

Summer 2017

Sandy attends the 66th Gordon Research Conference on Natural Products and Bioactive Compounds in New Hampshire!

Bruner lab moves to the new UF chemistry building, Chemistry/Chemical Biology!



Spring 2017

Congratulations to Kunhua for his post-doctoral position at Harvard Medical School!

Congratulations to Matt Burg for his post-doctoral position in the McKenna lab at UF!